Educational Information: Why invest in butane extraction

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Educational Information: Why invest in butane extraction

Butane Extraction Systems

All of our butane extraction machines are designed by our experienced technicians who have worked in an extraction lab. All of our butane extraction systems are fully customizable, allowing the client to work with our design technicians to create a butane extraction system that works within their budget and throughput goals. 

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Top Reasons to purchase a system from Butane Extraction Equipment:

1) Legal lab ready - All of our extraction equipment is ASME and legal lab ready and will come with the documentation you need to submit to your municipality. We can create these documents anywhere in the USA. Most of our equipment is rated to -80c and up to 350psi. This includes our material columns, which you won't see on many other systems. 

2) Fully Customizable - Work with our design technicians to build the system you've always wanted. Since we work closely with the engineers who certify our butane extraction equipment, it is very easy to stamp custom designs. This gives lab directors the ability to create machine that is designed for your product selection, availability of power, budget, throughput, availability of consumables and more. 

3) Setting the standard in quality - Small batch extraction is the future of high quality product in the cannabis industry. Every machine we produce is designed with quality of product in mind. There is no question that the terpene content, flavors, color and purity of butane extracts is the future of high quality production level cannabis. Not only will a company with butane extraction find value in trending product, lower cost of production, but customers will be smoking high quality product with low chlorophyll and lipid levels which can be seen in other small batch extractions. 

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4) Easy installation - Power is by far the most overlooked part of a development when it comes to processing. Not many people consider cryogenic power requirements, or heater requirements. Big process chillers will take big amps at 480 and often require secondary chilling (water chilling) for the chiller itself. Extraction processes like ethanol require many different stages of chilling, in addition to heating. After developing over 150 facilities, we have seen that the ability to start a high production, high quality butane lab uses much less power than ethanol. This skips possible power upgrades which could take months and cost much more than expected. In addition, we provide very high quality Class 1 Division 1 extraction areas, making installation a breeze with one supportive team. 

5) A team you can trust - Our influence and education in the industry comes from the right intentions. The footprint we leave with the success we bring to companies in the industry is why we work so hard. When working with our team you will be working the right people in the industry with the right reputation. 

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