Chillers for Cannabis Extraction

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Chillers for Cannabis Extraction

Top Chillers for the Cannabis Processing

There is no doubt that butane extraction requires serious chilling to get tanks and columns to cryogenic temperatures such as -40 degrees. However, the exact amount of chilling required for the volume of the butane extraction equipment jackets and the heat exchange from distillation is rarely calculated correctly. This is why we have worked closely with a USA based cryogenic chiller company to design a Multi Zone chilling solution. While other companies provide six figure chillers that deliver less than 2.0kw of chilling at -80c, our USA designed and manufactured process chiller more than doubles that with 5.0kw of chilling at -80c. This is extremely important because having enough power for the chiller to hold temp does more than just stabilize product quality, but also keeps stress off the equipment. This creates a longer lifetime for the chiller you've invested in and minimizes downtime in production. 

Passive Butane Extraction System 

When choosing the right chiller for cannabis processing, you should also consider the amount of heat given off by the chiller in the atmosphere. In addition, can this chiller be placed outside. If so, will it be in the direct sun and what temperatures will the atmosphere reach during the summer and winter. Always verify this with your engineers and manufacturers. The BIGGEST mistake made when purchasing a chiller is considering the amount of power the building has available. Upgrading power can be costly, and take way longer than expected or promised by your local power company. 

C1D1 Extraction Booth

Finally, a client should take into consideration the design of the equipment. Will the client be utilizing vacuum jackets, how much volume will you be chilling on the butane extraction equipment, what kind of heat and temperatures will your collection tank be reaching, surface area of the heat exchanger for condensing your solvent, and much much more. We can help you make sure the chiller you chose is the right tool for your lab. Contact us today for information on information on chilling your butane extraction equipment.