Custom Butane Extraction Equipment

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Custom Butane Extraction Equipment

Peer Review Certified Extraction Systems

If you are anything like our employees, friends, and founder...the custom butane extraction system you want to work with is hard to find "off the shelf". A few years ago, C1D1 Labs and Butane Extraction Equipment changed the oil game when they released a competitive equipment certification service into the market. This allowed many other companies besides the leader in the industry, including our close professional engineer, to be allowed to certify equipment. 

Corken Pump on butane extraction system

This did a few things for the barrier of entry for custom butane extraction equipment. First, it lowered the cost to certify equipment. By adding competition to the certifying companies on the market, our companies successfully eliminated the monopoly over equipment in our industry. Our goal wasn't to create another monopolized company, but to lower the barrier of entry to allow our friends to certify their "Frankenstein" and create the highest quality products at the fastest rate. Our friend Murphy once said "more hash faster" _ check her and her team Santo Gardens out in Colorado. With the help of the Good Life Gang, Dustin aka Future 4200, and our friends in the industry, we were able to give the industry just that. A lower barrier of entry for pricing on custom equipment. 

Color Remediation for Butane Extraction CRC

Second, we were able to decrease the amount of time it required to get a custom butane extraction system certified. Since there was only one extraction engineering firm creating these certifications at the time, by creating an alternative source we were able to minimize the bandwidth of the engineers on market who could certify. For smaller companies and extractors who were not major equipment manufacturers this meant major opportunity for designing their own equipment. In our opinion, disruption in the custom extraction equipment certifications gave our friends the ability to get to market without dumping too much money into a system while purchasing an affordable c1d1 extraction room from C1D1 Labs. Most importantly, we were then able to design custom extraction equipment that was ASME compliant and engineer peer reviewed in the timeline of our fabrication. This meant being able to sit down with extraction engineers, equipment designers, and clients and design a system the fabricate it and certify it in a quick timeline and at an affordable price. 

Several equipment certification engineering firms followed C1D1 Labs and Butane Extraction Equipment, and we are proud of that. We hope to allow the bright brains of our extraction industry to have market share and profit off generations of hard work and love for the plant. If you'd like to contact us, please fill out a contact form today!