Diamond Miners for Butane Extraction

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Diamond Miners for Butane Extraction

Diamond Miners for THCa

If you're in the business of THC extraction, then you know the importance of high-quality diamonds and diamond miners. After all, they're a key part of the extraction process for many end products! So where do you get your diamonds? Well, you could grow them in Ball jars - but not all diamond miners are created equal. Here's what you need to look for when choosing a diamond miner for your THCa extraction needs.

ASME Safety for Diamond Miners

Operating pressure vessels or equipment like Diamond Miners under high pressure or even a pressure over 15 psi requires a special kind of safety engineering and certification due to the increased potential for danger. Even when using solvents that COULD gain pressure when reaching room temperature or warmed, at cryogenic temperatures. In order to ensure safety, the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) has issued special codes and standards for high pressure safety. These safety requirements cover design, fabrication, inspection, testing and certification for all applicable components of pressure vessels and other related components. Taking heed of these guidelines can ensure that not only does proper operation take place but that any accidents that may occur will be much less severe than they potentially could have been. More importantly, it ensures permits in regulated extraction facilities. High pressure applications, or environments that could potentially be high pressure, require serious considerations when it comes to safety. This is why we provide ASME compliant diamond miners for THCa growth.

ASME diamond miner

Pentane for Thca crystal

Pentane is rapidly becoming a choice solvent for the formulation of THCA crystals in stainless steel diamond miners. It provides an efficient and affordable means to isolate and purify cannabinoids, while also providing good product stability. Additionally, the use of pentane enables product manufacturers to maintain consistent concentrations of active ingredients in ratio to solvent when using a diamond miner from C1D1 Labs. This is because it acts both as a cleaning agent for unwanted impurities, as well as a protective barrier for the active ingredient to prevent degradation or other changes in its chemical properties. Pentane has become increasingly popular amongst medical marijuana product developers seeking stable, clean and well-dosed products when manufactured in a diamond miner.

Custom Lids for Diamond Miners

If you have your own THCa diamond miner that meets ASME standards, and want to modify the unit give us a contact. We manufacture the highest quality custom lids that allow the input / output, safety, fittings, etc that you want to see on your diamond miner. Our diamond miner lids can come in all sizes and in both compression or NPT fittings. This allows any Diamond Miner to smoothly be integrated to a butane extraction system. In addition, having a USA made stainless steel part made for your diamond miner ensures a level of safety when using very volatile solvents like butane, propane, heptane, or pentane.

Diamond miner pentane sweat

THCa in cannabis products

Diamond Miners are the #1 way to manufacture products that contain THCa as the active ingredient. Known for its therapeutic benefits, THCa is an acid found in raw and live cannabis plants. Diamond Miners takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology to produce the THCa crystals with single or multi solvent standard operating procedures. C1D1 Labs uses the state of the art engineering to allow our clients to flash freeze solvents in freezers compliantly, while maximizing our efforts towards stainless steel innovation by working with innovators like Wax Plug. Both THCa diamonds, sauce, and liquid diamonds are HOT on the market in dispensaries at the moment. Which makes buying the best diamond miners available for sale very important.


Diamond Mines for Butane Extraction

C1D1 Labs and Butane Extraction Equipment have the highest level of innovation when it comes to diamond mining and have the latest accessories to increase your production of THCa diamonds, big or small. We also have safe, compliant, stainless steel diamond miners that can connect directly to your butane equipment. Ask us for more information on our diamond miners with our contact form page!