Freezers for Solvent Storage and Winterization

Freezers for Solvent Storage and Winterization

C1D1 Labs and Butane Extraction Equipment are proud to announce fire protection reports that allow our clients to store their solvents in cryogenic freezers. Having a stamped report that outlines the steps needed to maintain compliance shifts liability from the local fire department to our engineers. Having stamped engineer reports is the secret to getting quick approvals. Our stamped equipment review and facility requirements outline how to properly store solvents in a freezer that is not explosion proof. This saves our clients tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars when comparing a purchase with a Class 1 Division 1 (c1d1) Freezer. 

Freezers for Solvent Storage

These non explosion proof freezers, which are capable of storing solvents at cryogenic temperatures, are affordable and easy to install into a facility. Providing chest, stand up, or walk in freezers that can handle your winterization with ease, providing a streamlined process with standard laboratory equipment. Minimizing the cost of your build out is extremely important, and buying our new freezer / engineering report package is the best way to minimize cost for post processing in a butane extraction laboratory. These non explosion proof freezers are being accepted around the country. Our engineers can write these reports for any of the 50 states and ensure quick approval for you facility. 

Freezer for ethanol winterization

Freezers for Ethanol Winterization 

Winterization is the process of "cold crashing" fats and lipids out of extracted crude oil to prepare the product for distillation. This requires placing your product in a sealed container with 10:1 mixture of ethanol (ETOH) inside of a freezer approved for solvent storage. Once the fats and lipids are separated in the container, the product and solvent are removed from our provided freezer and ran through a filter to remove the fats and lipids completely. At this point, the client removes the solvent through a recovery process normally done in a rotary evaporator. 

In addition to the non explosion proof freezers, Butane Extraction Equipment can provide the required post-processing equipment used to filter crude oil for distillation. Including stainless steel filtration tables with vacuum pumps. With the right equipment, this process can be simple and compliant. If you have any interest of using non explosion proof freezers for solvent storage, fill out the contact form today. Our experts can work directly with your team to create the perfect package for your facility today.