Puck Push Diamond Miners

Puck Push Diamond Miners

Butane Extraction Equipment is proud to announce our proprietary technology "Puck Push" Diamond Miners. This patent pending technology allows our clients to lift the crystallization puck from the bottom of our diamond miners with nitrogen. This new technology allows nitrogen inside the unit, but does not allow solvent out. This nitrogen assisted diamond miner eliminates the need to bang on a desk, wall, or shoe to break up your diamond "puck". 

 Puck Push Technology - Butane Extraction Equipment

Puck Push Diamond Miner

Our new diamond miners come in three different sizes, 6", 8" and 10". All of our diamond miners are jacketed for easy cooling and heating. Contact one of our sales team members today for quotations on heaters or chillers to match with your "Puck Push" Diamond Miner. This allows clients to grow the big diamonds everyone loves to see as well as quick crash inside our diamond miners. 

Butane Extraction Equipment has partnered with C1D1 Labs to bring you the highest quality extraction machines. Our A-Z solution offering allows clients to use one team to design your layout, complete engineering and permitting, manufacture your equipment and help train employees. Our new "Puck Push" diamond miners are just one example of how our teamwork is pushing innovation. Another great example would be the new hydrocarbon bag filter we have just released, rated to 350psi. Now available online, Butane Extraction Equipment is taking high quality equipment and making it widely accessible to the extraction market. 

Diamon Miners by Butane Extraction Equipment

Take a look at the spec sheet on our diamond miners below, and if you have any questions on the new Puck Push Technology, please do not hesitate to reach out via our contact form or 510-410-1083. 

C1D1 Labs Puck Push Diamond Miner