C1D1 Labs

Butane Extraction Equipment is proud to be working with C1D1 Labs to offer your company valuable expertise and solutions in the field of extraction rooms and fire protection engineering. C1D1 Labs is a well-known provider of extraction and manufacturing solutions for the cannabis and hemp industries. They specialize in designing and building C1D1 compliant facilities, which are essential for ensuring safety and regulatory compliance in the butane extraction processes. Working with C1D1 Labs, we can now offer a range of services and solutions, including:

  1. Extraction Room Design: They can help you design a customized extraction room layout that optimizes workflow, efficiency, and safety. This includes considerations for ventilation, electrical systems, fire suppression, and hazardous material handling.

  2. C1D1 Extraction Booths: C1D1 Labs understands the specific requirements for C1D1-rated environments, which are necessary for handling flammable and combustible materials. Purchasing a packaged booth with the certifications needed to pass permitting and inspection will save your company time and money. 

  3. Equipment Selection and Installation: C1D1 Labs can assist in selecting the appropriate extraction equipment for your specific needs, such as closed-loop systems, extraction machines, filtration systems, and more. They can also provide guidance on equipment installation and integration within the extraction room.

  4. Consulting and Training: C1D1 Labs can provide consulting services to help you navigate regulatory compliance, safety protocols, and best practices for extraction operations. They can also offer training programs for your staff to ensure proper handling of equipment and materials.

By purchasing with Butane Extraction Equipment, your company can benefit from their expertise in designing and building safe and compliant extraction facilities. This collaboration can help streamline your operations, enhance safety measures, and ensure regulatory adherence, ultimately contributing to the success of your extraction processes.