10lb Butane / Propane Extraction Machine

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Running a smaller extraction system can be very beneficial. With the right heating and chilling, a laboratory and run efferently and have the throughput to make the first phase of a lab very profitable. This 10lb system is ;made to match with a condensing and process chiller. Ask us about our options today!

(1) 50lb Single Jacketed ASME Solvent Tank
(1) 100lb Single Jacketed ASME Collection Tank
(2) Exergy Coils for Mechanical Chilling Heat Exchangers
(1) 6x48 Single or Double Jacketed 6"x48" column
(2) 6" Tri-Clamp Filter Plates
(3) Hemispherical caps
(1) Molecular Sieve 4" tri-clamp
(3) 6" ASME Sight glass tri-clamp
(1) Rack for columns
Engineer Peer Review Included

Swagelok Compression Fittings

Recovery Pump not included