10lb Dry Ice Butane / Propane Extraction Machine

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This is a turn key legal lab ready, engineer peer reviewed 10lb extraction machine rated to 350psi. This extraction equipment can be used with either propane or butane as a solvent and does not require a mechanical chiller to get the system to cryogenic temperatures. This system can easily be upgraded to a mechanical chilling system.

(1) 50lb Single Jacketed ASME Solvent Tank
(1) 100lb Single Jacketed ASME Collection Tank
(2) Coils for Dry Ice Heat Exchangers / Vacuum Jacketed Insulation
(1) 6"x48" Single Jacketed column
(2) 6" Tri-Clamp Filter Plates
(1) Hemispherical caps
(1) Molecular Sieve 4" tri-clamp
(3) 6" ASME Sight glass tri-clamp
(1) Rack for columns
Engineer Peer Review Included - Stamped for your state

Swagelok Compression Fittings (3/8" and 1/2" available)

* Recovery Pump sold separately