30lb Butane / Propane Extraction Machine

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Maximize your production with chillers and heaters. This can create the pressures you need to easily move fluid, and get the quality product you are looking for. This 30lb system comes with (2) 150lb ASME tanks, and single or double jacketed 6"x48" material columns. With the addition of jacketed tube in tube heat exchangers, this machine is ready for high volume production. 

(1) 200L Single Jacketed ASME Solvent Tank
(1) 200L Single Jacketed ASME Collection Tank
(2) Exergy Heat Exchanger Condensing LPGs
(3) 6x48 Dry Ice Jacketed Column
(6) 6" ASME Sight glass tri-clamp
(3) 6" Tri-Clamp Filter Plates
(6) 6" Hemispherical caps
(1) 4" Molecular Sieve Column
(1) 4" Tri-clamp Filter Plate
(2) 4" hemispherical caps
(1) Rack for columns
4" High Pressure Tri-Clamps
6" High Pressure Tri-Clamps
4" Gaskets
6" Gaskets
Pressure Relief Valves
Venturi Vacuum Unit
quick connects for Venturi Vacuum Unit
Explosion Proof Scale
Engineer Peer Review