30lb Dry Ice Butane / Propane Extraction Machine

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Large scale extraction at an affordable entry cost. This 30lb dry ice extraction machine is made to do high volumes of processing while minimizing the cost for chillers. Dry ice injection and dry ice recovery allows for large production numbers without having to pay for the high power chillers. Rated for 350psi, this machine can run on both butane or propane. 

(1) 200L Single Jacketed ASME Solvent Tank
(1) 200L Single Jacketed ASME Collection Tank
(1) Coil for Dry Ice for Condensing LPGs
(1) Coil for Dry Ice for Injection of Solvent into Columns
(3) 6x48 Dry Ice Jacketed column
(4) 6" ASME Sight glass tri-clamp
(3) 6" Tri-Clamp Filter Plates
(4) 6" Hemispherical caps
(1) 4" Molecular Sieve Column
(1) 4" Tri-clamp Filter Plate
(1) 4" hemispherical caps
(3) Racks for columns
4" High Pressure Tri-Clamps
6" High Pressure Tri-Clamps
4" Gaskets
6" Gaskets
Pressure Relief Valves
Venturi Vacuum Unit
quick connects for Venturi Vacuum Unit
Explosion Proof Scale
Engineer Peer Review