ASME 60L Jacketed Solvent Tank

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This ASME stamped vessel is your solution to high quality, small batch extraction. With a jacket designed for vacuum insulation or cryogenic chilling, you can control your temperatures and pressure while injecting or recovering solvent. Extract with a solvent tank that you know is safe for your temperatures and pressures with a ASME stamped vessel that is legal lab ready!

Tank Design Pressure: 350 Psi
Hydro test Pressure: 452 Psi
Tank Design Temperature: -80°C~150°C
Jacket Design Pressure: 100 Psi
Jacket Design Temperature: -80°C~150°C
Capacity: 60L
1- 6" Ferrule Opening
2-1.5" Tri-Clamp Sight Glasses 350Psi
2- 1/2" FNPT Coil
1- 1/2" FNPT Diptube
3- 1/2" FNPT Vapor ports
1- 1/4" FNPT Port
1- 1/2" FNPT Port (up)
1- 1/2" FNPT Port (down)