Cryogenic Chiller 2.5kw of Chilling Power at -80c

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With a sticker price that competes with chillers that have 1/10 the power, this USA made chiller is a match made in heaven with your solvent tank and material columns. With 2.5kw of chilling power at -80c, this cryogenic chiller has the power it needs to stay healthy for multiple years of heavy processing while keeping the temperatures you desire without flux...only flex. Water cooled, this unit will not pull heat into your lab and is designed by extractors to have dual zone technology. This means you can program this chiller to have your solvent tank slightly warmer than your columns to help injection pressures. We can pair this chiller with a 17kw @ -15c recovery chiller or a 9kw at -15c recovery chiller for full control of your temperatures. As us for more information.  This cryogenic extraction chiller comes with USA support teams and a 12 month warranty. 


Temperature Range: - 80°C to +2 5 °C
Cooling Capacity: 2 . 5kW @ - 80C
VFD for fluid pressure control
Flow Rate: Up to 8 GPM @ 50 PSI available
Fluid: Novec 7 100
POWER REQUIREMENT: 4 80V, 3 Phase, 60HZ, 2 9 . 5A
Frame dimensions: 3 1 ”W X 4 8 ”D X 6 4 ”H inches